Beth Hartford's ART QUILTS

This quilt was made in response to a Fractured Quilt Challenge on the Quiltart mailing list. Each of 40 participants was given the same photograph, divided into four sections, the goal being to recreate the four sections in cloth. The moderator received all 160 segments and sent each participant four new pieces. So, Beth's four pieces were distributed to four different quilt artists. Beth then took the four pieces she received and finished them into a wall hanging.

Detail picture #1

Detail picture #2

The border fabric and the quilting in pink swirls were added to make the four pieces a cohesive unit. All 40 quilts will be uploaded to a gallery in the future, and we'll add the link here when that is accomplished.

Sushi was created using hand dyed fabrics, woven with all raw edges and pressed to a fusible stabilizer. The flowers are whole cloth appliqué with thread painting over them. The turtles are also from a batik fabric and are appliquéd and thread painted. Everything has raw edges and an oriental flair, therefore the name "Sushi".

Detail picture #1

Detail picture #2

This quilt will travel with 60+ others to quilt shows all over the country in an exhibit called "Water Challenge". In the Professional Art Quilt Quilters Alliance tradition of encouraging their members to explore new territory, the eighth PAQA challenge explores WATER. The requirements were simple. The quilts had to interpret "WATER", be no larger than 18" per side and include a self portrait.

Quilts in the AAQI traveling exhibit cannot be shown on the artist's site, but here are a couple of sections so you can get an idea of the beauty of the whole piece. Check the AAQI Travel Schedule for an updated list of venues where the exhibit will be shown.

I made this quilt as a tribute to my Dad, to his life, and to his family. It represents the final years of his life….hopefully he can live out the rest of his life peacefully, enjoying the beauty of the sunset.

The sunset is painted on fabric with Jacquard paints, using an actual photograph of a sunset on Lake Wisconsin where my parents live as inspiration. I quilted the painting separately before adding the silhouette. I took artistic license with the window itself, using a photograph of a window my niece took in Oxford, England as a pattern. It’s whole cloth, hand dyed fabric by the artist over a heavy interfacing, then machine applied to the sunset scene. My dad is from an actual photograph taken of him, sitting in his favorite chair in the den, looking out at his view. Even the backing fabric made me think of the confusion that Dad faces daily, trying to sort out reality from delusion, often failing.